making a visual impression

Day 1: LHR

20140106_074632Our overnight flight from Boston, Logan Airport to London, Heathrow is only five and a half hours, although we’re in a holding pattern for a while before landing. Enough time to get a few hours sleep. This was a “no service” flight so we ate before we boarded. However, I did get served a rather delicious slice of blueberry cheesecake on board!

NB. You see that little place on the screen beginning with “N” and ending with “u”? This will be a stopping point on my next trip beginning January 20th!! I am totally spoiled this month.


Sunrise as we prepare to land at Heathrow.

We land at 8:30am local time (3:30 EST).

All we’ve seen today is the inside of the airport and a very busy British Airways lounge. 20140106_151053I know one person, no names mentioned, who is very interested in our airport shopping habits. However, today we are just too tired to shop. That will have to keep for the return flight.

Next flight: Heathrow to Cape Town leaves at 5:35pm local time (12:35pm EST). Eleven hours flying time.


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