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Cape Peninsula Tour

Our tour with Cape Convey Tours was the best! Rob, our tour guide, lived during his school years in Essex and he had a strong British/Essex accent. He was an absolute hoot! Knowledgeable, too and very concerned that we have the absolutely best day.

We leave the hotel at 7:30am. Early, but the purpose is to miss the crowds, which we did.

Our coach ride begins by giving us a view of Table Mountain. That view, with the clouds surrounding it is becoming familiar.

2014-01-10 table mountain

We drive through the beautiful Camps Bay. A quick photo from the coach.

2014-01-10 Camps Bay

Then it’s on to Hout Bay. We stop and get out of the coach to take photos.2014-01-10 Hout Bay

2014-01-10 Houts Bay coach

2014-01-10 colin and me

It’s then back on the coach and excitement rises, as our next stop is to see the African penguins, also called Jackass Penguins because the noise they make is like a donkey braying, at Boulder Beach. However, today they are silent. Probably too early in the morning!

2014-01-10 penguin sign

2014-01-10 penguin sign2

The penguins are so cute!2014-01-10 pengiuns11

Quite a few penguins are fishing in the sea. They all come out of the sea and onto the beach at the same time. Then the next group goes fishing.2014-01-10 penguins8

2014-01-10 penguins7

2014-01-10 penguins5

Quite a few of the penguins are sitting on nests.2014-01-10 pengiuns4

2014-01-10 penguins

We watch as a gull tries to disturb the penguins, taunting them, trying to get them to leave the nest. A second gull circles overhead, ready to dive and take the egg. The penguins roll their necks to frighten off the gull. Eventually, the gull gives up and flies away.2014-01-10 pengiuns3

2014-01-10 penguins2

2014-01-10 bay 


Day 3: Sightseeing Cape Town

From the Mount Nelson Hotel we are able to take the Cape Town Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus. We take the Red City Tour. The day begins with rain. But, the tour is great. Our tickets comes with headphones so we can listen to the commentary giving information about Cape Town.

2014-01-08 group

The tour takes us past the South African Parliament building.

2014-01-08 parliament

We travel through District 6 – an area that was once a vibrant multi-racial community in the early 20th century but then was deliberately razed and it’s people removed. Control and racial segregation were part of apartheid town planning. District 6 was deemed for whites. Approximately 60,000 residents were removed to townships but today the area still remains barren except for the original churches and mosques that were not destroyed. It’s a very sobering sight. I plan to come back later to visit the District 6 Museum.

2014-01-08 district 6

We pass the Castle of Good Hope – the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa – built in the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company.

2014-01-08 castle

We wind our way up Table Mountain to the cable car station. This is closed due to the poor weather. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful view of Cape Town and the coast.

2014-01-08 cape town view

Then we drive through the beautiful and wealthy area of Camps Bay.

2014-01-08 capes bay

2014-01-08 camps bay

In the afternoon we visit the Slave Museum located in the original Slave Lodge built by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. It housed slaves in appalling conditions. These people were imported to provide labour. The slaves were shipped from East Africa but I learned that many came from Madagascar, India, Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia. This is a very sad part of South Africa’s history.

Our day ends with a meal of langoustine at Baia Seafood Restaurant on the V&A Waterfront but, with thoughts and conversation about what are the evils in our world today that we need to work to eradicate.

2014-01-08 langostine

The final photo of the day – sunset over Table Mountain.

2014-01-08 sunset table mountain